Tutoring children from pre-k through grade 5 and special need individuals  

Disciplined Scholars

 Reading  & Math Tutor  

Disciplined Scholars
Pre-school Sessions

Start Smart

 I will prepare children ages three (3), four (4), five (5) and six (6) for a successful school career.

The children will learn early reading and math skills.

Reading lessons will help them master letter recognition, phonics, speech, vocabulary, reading, spelling, comprehension and writing skills.

Math lessons will consist of number recognition, basic addition, subtraction multiplication and word solving problems. 

Every child will be prepared for a successful school year.  Students will learn essential life skills to become high-minded, noble-minded, self-sufficient, well behaved honor roll students. All participants will be recognized as being intelligent, highly productive, well-mannered and respectful students.

The children will learn academic skills, socialization techniques and time management through scheduled lessons.   Compassion, unity, respect, sharing and caring will be high priorities as well as being neat and orderly. 

Materials:  Hooked on Phonics, Smart Alec Reading and Math Series, Flash Cards, Computers, Puzzles, Board Games, Blocks, Books, Toys, and More.